Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication 2019-09-16T15:16:20+00:00
  • At Safety Enclosures we offer miscellaneous metals for commercial and residential construction projects.

    Utilizing our strengths in Engineering, Welding and Metal works, we can quickly design and fabricate miscellaneous metals often found in Division 5 metals including but not limited to:

    Curb angles, hangars, railings, inserts, relieving angles, small supports, structures, sill angles, miscellaneous metal to support mechanical and electrical work, sidings, rain gutters, roofs, HVAC ducts, signs etc.

  • Architectural:  Door jambs, grating, canopies, catwalks, Roof screens, ornamental metal works

    Commercial:  Fencing, Hand rails

    Supports:  Toilet partition supports, Framing sign, Lintels

    Safety:  Safety gate, Fire escape, Bollards

    Ladders/Stairs:  Pit, High/Low roof, Caged

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